Web Design Process

Design Process

Creative and innovative in our thinking. Structured and systemic
in our approach with well-defined procedures and protocols.


This is where we have a proper exchange of ideas with our client. We find out their expectations and understand the project objectives, including type of designs, color schemes and specific features.



Assigned project team will use their analysts to review the project scope and prepare a thorough report, including market research, competitor analysis and target audience, using the information provided by the client. We will come up with proper execution plan, with a defined project timeline.



Our design teams take control and start their brilliant work creating initial samples to share with the client. Based on their feedback and preferences, our team develops multiple concepts for the project.



These concepts are further discussed with the client to choose the best design for the project. This design concept prevails throughout the development process. Development team complete their technical work according to the execution plan with all required features and functionalities developed for the final product.



First drafts for the complete project are shared with the client. We depend on client input and vision to successfully deliver the final project. Any modifications or changes that are needed in the design or development phase are communicated with our team, who finish off the required changes.



We complete the project scope and deliver the finalized version after completing our in-house testing requirements. Quality Assurance team reviews the final product and it is processed to the client or launched, as appropriate. We do not rest till our clients are completely satisfied with the final results


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